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Pond, what if such legislation

a. provided no funds for poor people to buy storage devices;


b. required that any gun not actively carried must be locked up (IE no nightstand gun when you sleep)?

Would you still think such legislation a good trade?
Mleake, if you are implying that the need to buy a safe would "infringe" on someone's right to bear arms, then why not petition gun companies give guns away FOC?
Let's be realistic: There will always be someone, somewhere that can't afford a gun so, in principle, they 2nd-A right is being infringed...

I see people on here buying guns for $400, $500, $600. I can't imagine that a safe is anywhere near that cost, especially if it just designed for a couple of pistols...

I am required, by law, to lock up my guns. I had to factor in the cost of a safe into my budgets.

My safe complies with the law and is signficantly cheaper than any of my guns except for my Astra that I got for a song, purely by luck. Even then it is not a big difference.

Add to that the fact that I am by no means wealthy and that firearm goods in Estonia are waaaaay more expensive than the US (Ruger Redhawk 4.2" about $1600). Yet, I managed.

As regards to the carry clause. We have this restriction but the law was flexible in its interpretation of carry. They take carry to mean holster or case, coffee table or bedside table. The gun, in all cases, is still under the care and supervision of its owner who is carrying it, sitting by it or lying next to it. I see no reason why that could not be the case in the US..

All that said to address your point but, allow me to repeat, again, an important point from my last post: I am not hoping for legislation in any particularly fashion. If it passes, so be it, if not then I hope people buy a safe regardless.

I simply recognise that legislation becomes more and more likely if people do not behave responsibly off their own backs and incidence arise.... as such I consider what legislation would work and be acceptable.
Given the alternatives, it would be a fair trade, IMO...
When the right to effective self-defence is denied, that right to self-defence which remains is essentially symbolic.
Freedom: Please enjoy responsibly.
Karma. Another word for revolver: because what goes around, comes around!

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