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For internal adjustment scopes to be utilized at long range I would use the Burris Signature Zee rings and get a Burris shim kit.

Determine how many clicks elevation you have in scope by bottoming it out and raising it counting the clicks. Lets say you have 100 clicks of elevation bottom to top.

click down 70 clicks and fire a shot and see where you hit. Change out the shims accordingly to get the scope hitting center of target or very close at 100 yards by either lowering the front of scope or raising rear of scope or both.

OK once you are on or very close at 100 yards see where you are at 300 without moving scope adjustments. Change to a different shim and get it on at 300.

Then you will have a 300 yard zero and have 70 clicks of elevation left for longer range and still be in middle of your adjustment range.

Internal scopes at end of their adjustment range tend to get iffy so best to sight them in with shims before going to clicks.
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