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No, it does NOT make any sense at all, because the people who did this obviously didn't pay much attention to the entire development and selection of ballistic gelatin.

The important phrase in all of this is Average Mean Density.

Does anyone know why that's important, or what it means?

It means that 10% ballistic gelatin ALREADY FIGURES IN the density of bone, along with all other tissue types in the body.

People who don't understand that very important fact have, for nearly 30 years, been looking at the FBI gelatin protocols and getting a very dim flicker in their eyes and exclaiming "My God! There's no bone! It's not right! It can't be right! I'll get some bone, cast it into gelatin, and that will make it right!"

No, no it won't make it right, anymore than sticking a plate of bone simulant in front of a block of 10% gelatin (remember average mean density) will somehow produce more realistic tests.

By adding extra bone in front of, behind, or inside a block of 10% ballistic gelatin, that immediately renders the average mean density wrong.

At that point the ONLY valid data you might get is if you intend to be using those bullets against someone who is partially fossilized.

There's a damned good reason why 10% ballistic gelatin is pretty much the worldwide forensic standard. FBI uses it, and ever major ammunition company uses it.

Why do they use it?

Because 10% ballistic gelatin (without extra bones, bone simulants, etc.) produces test results that most closely match -- BY FAR -- the results seen in actual shootings. INCLUDING shootings in which these bullets hit bone.

Oddly enough, though, what have people who don't understand the concept of average mean density found time and time again over the years when they shoot 10% ballistic gelatin in which there is extra bone or bone simulants?

They find that their results don't match either industry test results OR the results seen in actual shootings.

So, I say once again, this particular "test" is flawed and useless because the individuals doing the "testing" don't understand what they're trying to test, or why 10% ballistic gelatin, on its own, is the most valid and most repeatable testing medium there is.

So, what we're really down to, then, is that failed science isn't science. It's failure.
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