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I've just gone through that for a couple of rifles and am happy with my results. I have an added requirement that I need the scope to have parallax adjustment since I do some target shooting at a local indoor 25 yd range so without parallax adjustment, it is a waste of time to shoot that close. With parallax adjustment, you can try to put multiple bullets in one hole.

So I took off a Bushnell ET 10x40 and replaced it with an ET6245 which is a wonderful 6-24X scope, less expensive than the ET6500 series but still more than you wanted to spend. The ET1040 would be a good scope for 100 to 300 yds if 10x is enough for you. great optics and wonderful target knobs with a very firm click for half your budget.

I bought one cheap scope and brought it home, just couldn't live with it, and took it back.

Then I found the Simmons pro-target line. I wanted a less expensive scope for a 22 and again, it needed adjustable parallax. Simmons is now owned by Bushnell and I bought a refurbished pro-target 6-18x40 and it came in a Bushnell refurb box. Awesome quality scope for about $100 refurbished. Under $200 for first quality.

I looked at nikon and while they had good optics in their more expensive scopes, the less expensive ones were not japanese glass and were fuzzy around the edges. I don't like their BDC reticles either.

I like the viper by vortex but for the money I prefer the bushnell.

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