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Glass to fit the gun...

Sig Curious--Grats on the nice rifle. I have a 12BVSS myself, and it is a tackdriver! Think you'll find that yours will shoot up to and beyond your own ability.

As to glass for it: My own rule of thumb is to spend~as much on the 'scope as on the rifle. For a rifle that nice, I would not go below a Bushnell Elite 4500 or so, or one of the mid-grade Leupolds. (Mine wears a Bush. Elite 3500, but I don't think the 3500's are available new any more. If you find one used, that'd be fine too.)

Be sure to have the mount, rings, and 'scope skillfully mounted on the rifle.

Will you be handloading for this rifle? IMHO, that's the way to get the best performance from them, and save $$ to boot on hi-grade ammo. You don't want to be shooting cheap surplus (or cheap anything!) through a fine rifle like this.

Anyhow, nice pic, and please keep us posted!
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