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Not a big deal for me

I'm also R/G/Brown color blind/ deficient/ whatever. Was told I have significantly more rods(b&w) than cones (color). As such I see movement much sooner than most but also seem to be able to see much fainter stars than "normal" people. I see high flying aircraft when others don't. That translates into longer iron sight shots than many are comfortable with, without using a scope. If I see a 14 point buck at 150 yards first, I don't really care if he's red, green or brown : He is MINE!

Hunters vests are no problem, and I don't flip the safety unless I know what the target is and the background, regardless of color.

It's more a novelty, and have developed heuristics to determine most colors, IF that becomes important. I use an ohm meter to figure out resistor values.

Active sources (stop lights) and high contrasts are not an issue.
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