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The Gun Show was Bed, Bath and Beyond

There was a gun show on the drive path of my chores today so I thought I'd waste the seven bucks - was I correct!

I think of all the tables only about three were classic gun tables. This is the first time I saw a giant table full of Egyptian cotton sheets! Mister Pen was there. Tons of cheap crap jewelry, Chinese 5 dollar knives, crappy coin dealers, sugared nuts.

One ammo - dealer:

30 bucks for a box of Crapolastan 9mm. 84 bucks for 333 22LRs.

Guns: crap handguns for inflated prices - even thing like Nagants for 300 bucks. One guy had an Colt M-4 for 2500 dollars.

Total waste of time except for research purposes.

However, the local sporting goods chain - had lots of WWB 45 ACP in 50 round boxes for $21. The trick is you can only buy one box at a time. They had a few semi pistols at regular prices. Ex.: Glock 17 for $529 - gen 3.

The show reminded me of Homer Simpson going to buy a gun at Blood, Bath and Beyond. Sheets - Geez!
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