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Hounddawg, there you go! It fits you to a "T." That's the goal. The closer a person looks at how each press works, you'll find advantages that may even appear to be disadvantages to someone else. You load in large batches. I don't tend to do that....but I can if I need to.

More typical for me is a call from one of my Grand sons on late Thursday, who wants to know if I'd take him shooting on Saturday, and I'm fresh out of what he's wanting to shoot. So Friday after work I need to load up a quick 100 each of .223, .45ACP, and .40S&W (plinking rounds with cheap bullets) For that, I have just the right equipment to do it stress free, and still watch a late movie on my big screen. I'm happy, my grandsons are happy, and most importantly my wife is happy.

I'd surely be just as happy with 3 Dillons set up....except that's more expensive, takes up more room, and doesn't have APS.

So a guy ought to do his own homework, and find the best fit for himself and his lifestyle. Then there will be no regrets.

edward5759, be my guest....but I'd print the whole thread. Others have some great comments. Far as I know what's posted here is not copyrighted by posters......maybe by Firing Line Forums....

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