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Gun show madness.....

WOW. If asked to describe in one word the gun show I went to today, that word would be simply WOW. I’ve been going to this town’s gun shows for over 30 years now, four times a year, and this is the craziest I’ve ever seen it. Way more then even back in 1994. I stood in line, outside, in 15 degree temps for well over 30 minutes just to get in the place. Once inside, it took me another 30 minutes just to travel the length of one aisle of the first room.

Prices were insane. Colt AR15 rifles, $3000. RRA AR15, $2500 to $2800. Bushmaster AR15, $2200 to $2500. Insanity in action. There was however a dealer that is always there that specializes in RRA rifles and carbines that did not double their prices. At most, they raised their prices by 10% as compared to last Fall. Needless to say, they were selling RRA’s as fast as they could write up the BATF forms. I know they sold 10 of them in the short time I was in that part of the show.

Hundreds, maybe thousands of 30 round AR15 mags. Priced from $30 to $50 each. AK mags selling for about $35 each. 15 round M-9 mags around $30 each.

The only .22LR that I saw was a couple beat up bricks of Winchester T22 with a price of $50 on them. Not one loaded .223 round could be found. 9mm was slim. .45acp was a bit better. A few boxes of .38 Special and .357 Mag. All with higher then normal prices.

Reloading components where flying out the door. Primers being sold by the 5000 count. But it looked like there was plenty.

I brought along a box of 380 rounds of 55gr. Wolf .223 to get rid of because my rifle prefers 62gr. I sold them within 5 minutes of being there. So I guess the trip was worth it. I asked $100 and the guy didn’t bat an eye. I could have gotten more I guess.

But, being the glutton for punishment that I am, I’ll probably go back tomorrow.
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