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wasn't sure if I could find this but luckily it cam up on first search

a good review of Hornady vs Dillon by someone who owns both

I have gotten into the habit now of running stuff in batches even on the progressive. I will pre clean 1000 or so cases, the 223's I will lube and full lenth size then re clean and prime. I will just put on some music and load up some tubes and use the LnL to size flare and prime pistol cases in one step them store them doing the powder and bullets later. When I need ammo I will use the LnL to do the powder, seat the bullet and crimp. Sometimes I just decap and size then prime using a hand primer while watching TV in the house.

Right now I have enough cleaned and primed cases to last me several months, I cleaned the last of my dirty cases yesterday. I keep about 500 or so of most calibers loaded and when I shoot some I just wash and prep the cases for my next loading session. Without counting I bet I have closer to 2 K of 9mm range ready simply because that is what I shoot the most of

This method might not be for everyone and some may say why even bother having a progressive but it sure fits me to a T. I like it because I never feel hurried, have to worry about a partially deprimed case causing a double charge, or spilled powder gumming up the priming station.
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