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A coach I had a long time ago presented me with this idea...

Whatever group you can do at 5 yards, try for that same group at 10. When you achieve that group at 10, move it to 25 etc.

In other words, instead of trying to make your groups SMALLER, try and keep the same sized groups at longer distances. Once you achieve the same group at distance, move back in close again and you will automagically see smaller groups at the closer distance. Then repeat the process again and again.

I think smaller groups are a product of keeping my sight alignment more still and making the "wander" of the muzzle smaller. At 25 yards, I can't really AIM to make my bullets end up closer to one side or another of that 3" bullseye. Especially with my increasing geezer factor eyesight. But I CAN calm my hand/arm/gun movement to keep the wander closer to what I perceive as the center of that bullseye.

I've posted these before, elsewhere:

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