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UncleNick, Ike, you're welcome, thanks for the compliment.....if you ever get the urge to try a Pro 2000, you're always welcome to P.M. or email me to pick what brain I have left on the subject.

The tool (die) heads for the pistol calibers I have set up are populated with dies, in ready-adjustment for that caliber....which includes powder dies, and bullet feeder dies. Slide on, drop in two pins, drop the powder measure on...all set to load.
Quote above is from my first post. I feel like that statement needs expanded, since you plan to load rifle as well. The Pro 2000 tool head is different than the Dillon versions because station 3 is on the press not on the tool head. Some wrongly consider that a disadvantage, thinking that you have to mount the Uniflow don't.....but if want to for rifle there is an advantage not available to Dillon users.

With the Uniflow mounted stationary, off the tool head, you don't have to buy separate powder dies or powder measures for rifle bottleneck cartridges. Just leave the powder die there, or if you prefer, while loading pistol, remove it and replace it with a lock-out die. It'd really be cool if the hole was the bigger size and a LnL bushing could be used...but no room for that. Minor thing though. Screwing to a lock nut is simple enough.

Besides grabbing another tool head, and changing primer rod size if needed, dropping the right drop tube for your caliber in the stationary powder die, dropping the measure on, and a quick readjustment of the mic, is all you have to do to change from one rifle caliber to another.

That is interesting. I may just have to look into that. I have a rockchucker and partner and a ton of RCBS dies. I'm a big fan of RCBS. I hadn't really taken that clos of a look at the pro 2000. Thanks again for the input.

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