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Originally Posted by hardworker
No, she is removing ambiguity from the law. If she doesn't clearly define what it is she is banning and not banning, the law is worthless.
The "good gun" appendix in the bill lists 325 semiautomatics (33 centerfire rifles, 48 rimfire rifles, and 244 shotguns), which does remove any question about those weapons.

How many people do not already know whether or not their guns are semiautomatics? For any who do not know, the bill clearly defines semiautomatics and also contains an explicit exclusion for any other firearm that ‘‘is manually operated by bolt, pump, lever, or slide action." The 80 pages listing over 1,900 guns that are not semiautomatics and are, by definition, clearly excluded from the ban serves no valid purpose.

Touting a ban on 157 named semiautomatics while allowing 325 would sound a lot harsher than claiming a ban on 157 while allowing over 2,200.
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