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A friend and I hit a few gun shops around town to see what we could find. Of course the shelves were bare with regards to black rifles, and some had pistol cases that were pretty picked over, and not yet re-stocked. Most ammo that anyone would want was also gone including .22LR.

However, there were still many other types of rifles, shotguns, and some pistols left. Once shop still had a nice selection of pistols and at good prices too. They were only selling ammo to those who bought pistols though, and were limiting to one box.

General consensus at these shops was that things were still crazy, but were "quieting down", and they were not seeing the panic buying nearly as much, but were still seeing steady, consistant sales, well above pre-panic levels. They ARE getting re-supplied, however. The ammo situation seems to be worse than the gun sitauation except for AR's, and AK's, etc.
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