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QUOTE]Dog the Bounty Hunter actually claims he is Native American. I did not see him stealing any children or handing out blankets but who knows what happens off camera?
[/QUOTE]Earlier post edited. That doesn't change the fact that the treatment of American Indians was similar to the treatment of the Jews in germany on a smaller scale.

Niether is Asia or Africa or the Middle East. When you start including genocides then North America is actually a very good example of tolerance and peace
My response was to the above post on how bad those Europeans were and civilised the Americans were.

I'd say it is on par with the British treatment of the Irish during the Potato Famine. Ironically the famine triggered mass immigration to the US causing overcrowding in the eastern cities pushing more immigration Westward thereby increasing the pressures on the natives. I take about as much responsibility for what happened to the Native American as you should.
I don't take any responsibility for the Irish potato famine as i was not around at the time to have any influence on what happened. No One expects Americans today to take responsibility for the treatment of the American Indians. Just to look at your own history before having a go at other countries . I don't buy the argument that more firearms mean less murders. What i do agree with is that more gun control in America will not make any difference in stopping mass shootings.
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