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Again don't take this the wrong way but it is a totally useless case for a "bug out" situation. I'll try and take this away from a SHTF which "Bug Out" is the new PC name for. I lived constantly with a "BO" bag for four years as it was my job when I was in the infantry with the 3-325 ABCT and 3-505 PIR. When you were QR cycle you had your bags packed ready to deploy at a moments notice and you were never officially more than 50 miles from base.

When we had an alert we got back to base ASAP within two hours. Then we started to gear up fill canteens full of water, grabbed your bags and went down to the arms room and drew weapons, got commo and other sensitive items. Then you went to a staging area where you would receive MRE's and ammunition usually blanks to load up our magazines with.

My point is a wheeled hard case is a PITA to carry and having your firearm inside isn't going to any good and it can easily be taken off of you. You can carry more weight longer and farther by having it in a rucksack secured to your shoulders and with a belt than you can carry or drag a suitcase. Even if you get a rucpak and throw out all the foam and just use the case to pack your gear in, it isn't big enough for everything you'll need to get by one week.

You need a ruck big enough that you can fit all your gear inside not on the outside, if it is convenient for you to get to it can easily be lost or stolen while it is on your back. Put things inside like spare ammunition and batteries, first aid, food, water, extra clothes, boots, sleeping gear, hygiene kit, wet and cold weather gear, tools and a cleaning kit for your firearms. Then your tactical vest keep your loaded magazines, a knife with a small steel or sharpening stones, maybe 20-30' of 550 cord, water, some granola/power bars, flashlight, sidearm with ammo (if you want), and anything else you might need convenient quick access to. Then use a good single point sling to carry your rifle with. You'll want to stay under 70 lbs total weight as well between ruck, vest and firearms.

This means an BG is actually going to have to subdue you to get your firearms and gear away from you because they can't just get you separated from it by having it knocked out of your hands and run off with it as you were dragging it behind you on the wheels, and you have to deal with his buddies in front of you. A firearm isn't going to do you any good inside of a case and and broke down into two pieces so it is even more compact. Plus you want them to know what you are carrying so they know if they come after you they are going to have a fight on their hands, and they are going to pay dearly. BG's aren't going to wait around for you to get your SBR out a case put it together and load a magazine in it, put the spare mags in your pockets so you can have a fair fight.

If you want to plan for a natural disaster such as Sandy or Katrina where you might have to leave town in a hurry until things blow over. Look up a packing list for a light infantry soldier needs for a week in the field. If you Google it I'm sure you'll find find one somewhere and tweak it to fit you. Keep it packed in a bag and ready to go and you'll be fine for most situations. Remember pack the ruck with things you'll need and pack your vehicles with things you can live without if you have to abandon it.

Don't get me wrong I still think you planned and laid out your case well. You'll be traveling to the range and other places in style and I'm sure other people will appreciate it as well. However when you are in a situation where you need to go somewhere in a hurry having your gear in a durable plastic case or taking the time to pack it in there is the least convenient place of all.
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