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Heller Opinion

The simplest place to start is with the Heller opinion. The majority defines what arms are, what keep arms means, and what bear arms means. It's not perfect, but its as good a place to start as any.

I also have a question: who is the US military? Are they Gods? Are they superior men who are ordained by God? Are they self-created supermen who have proven their genetic, moral, & legal superiority to the rest of us? Or are they just citizens, like the rest of us ("of the people")? Who paid for these weapons? God? Superman? Or "We the people"?

If the US Army is comprised of "the people" then the people already own every kind of weapon in US military inventory. Including nukes. The problem is that "the people" are not in control of said weapons. This is why the fear of a standing army was such a hot button topic in 1789. And remains so today.
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