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I whole heartedly agree with the premise of securing firearms when they are not being used, and I also agree with the premise that we all have a duty of care to our society not to make their appropriation by outsiders any easier.

Personally, rather than having a gun in every room, if you really feel the need for that kind of protection indoors, keep one gun on you and the rest locked away. That way if anything goes awry, wherever you are, there is your gun.

Best way to stay safe in your own home is to have decent doors and windows, IMO, not a pistol under every place mat and cushion.

I also agree with Tom's view of guns left in cars...
Well said!
This is very disturbing to me that unsecured firearms are left in people's houses when they are not home. The only weapon left out at any time is my carry gun.
Let's face it, this world is littered with a-holes looking for an easy buck. It's our responsibility to do everything we can to protect firearms from falling into the wrong hands.
The mother of that physco had no business leaving those firearms available for him to get his hands on. She paid for that mistake with her life.
Times have changed. It use to be people left their guns hanging on the wall or displayed in beautiful gun cabinets. Those days are long gone fellas.
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