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My Dad had a beautiful glass front display cabinet, with a key lock that had just enough strength to resist a toddler...with one hand tied back...
That was considered enough back then.
Now it's different, and the above posts about the deliberate demonizing of gun owners is the reason. I have a safe, a darn good one that I don't regret a single penny of the large sum it cost, but that was my personal decision, living in a neighborhood not considered the best by any stretch of the imagination, and not too far from the Drug Corridor the feds gave to the cartels.
I encourage anyone who can afford it to buy a safe, but if they can't, then I also agree - any theft of property is not the owners fault, but the fault of the criminal, otherwise it would not be a criminal act.
To follow the logic to it's illogical extreme, (as government is ever wont to do), all gasoline, rat poison, fertilizer, alcohol, prescription medications, bleach or any other substance that can be misused to cause death or serious bodily injury must be locked away tightly, lest we be sued by those who violate the law.

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