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Because I know you have prints,the half cock hook is shaped like an inverted
dipper,and the handle is round(.012"R)the bottom of the ladle is flat with radiused corners and it measures .030" add this length to the handle's and you
got at least .040""from the edge to the body,now you grind .015" off and the
round edge disappears.The profile is gone and you are left with the remains of
the flat part.
The full cock hook is .035"+0.000" -.005" nominal so .025" make it a little
under but all things considered.....As to the sear hook contact geometry as
far as I am concerned,the way the Master designed it is plenty good enough for
me and tweaking that does not interest me in the least.I still think you know
more about these things than I do.
You are equalizing the hooks' length .to .025" and I take that to mean both
hooks have the same distance to the body.

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