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I love my Supertuck as well! It makes my full-size Beretta go away under a t-shirt and I can wear it all day. I've taken naps with my gun on.

Yeah, they are squeaky at first and have a break-in period like any leather product but a little Saddle Soap and use takes care of that!

My cousin has the Galco King-tuk, which is a clone of the Supertuck, and the quality difference shows. The Galco doesn't have the pivoting clips like the SuperTuck, and he had to re-mold his Kydex with a hair dryer because the fit was way too tight on his gun. (The Galco holsters are mass-produced to each fit a small range of similar guns, so the fit isn't precise. The SuperTuck is molded to fit MY SPECIFIC GUN and no other, so it fits like a glove.)
My Supertuck had just the right retention out of the package, and IMHO is well worth the extra $30!

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