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Possible straw sale entrapment attempt?

I was at a local walmart a few weeks back looking at a Ruger 10/22. Couldn't get it at the time because they had a problem with my driver's license which is another story but has been worked out.

Anyway there was a guy nearby sort of hanging around the counter browsing and he overheard the conversation about my not being able to get the Ruger that day.

He started talking about how he had a bunch of AR's and was willing to sell some. He also was talking about his brother who built them, etc. Really into the AR theme....

I asked him what he thought about the Feinstein bill he said he knew nothing about it. I thought that was a bit strange given his being into guns and AR's so much.

Anyway as I started to leave he followed me down an aisle and said he was willing to buy the Ruger for me, saying explicitly that he knew it would be a straw sale but he was willing to help me out. Now the alarms are really going off in my head. I say no thanks that that kind of thing is what gives legal owners a bad name and I get away from him quick.

My thinking was:
1. He was all into guns and ARs but didn't know anything about the proposed ban legislation.
2. He made the offer the sell the AR.
3. He made the offer to do a straw sale on the Ruger knowing it was a straw sale and making sure that I knew it would be a straw sale.
5. He looked like he was trying to look the part of a gun guy, wearing a vest and boots but I swear he looked to me like he'd be better suited to sitting behind a desk.

What do you think?
Possible ATF guy or other LEO agency?

Run into anything like this that made you think the same?
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