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You have actually made some very interesting points..You are correct about the pluck out foam over time it will absorb moisture and can cause potential hazard to your firearms..But i have no intention of storing my gun for long periods of time in my pelican case..This was actually for a bug out scenerio..I actually have a 16gun Iron Safe at home that i keep all my guns in ..It would be very stupid to have a Registered SBR firearm locked away in a pelican case for safe keepings.Another valid point you made was to own and have a tactical vest..This i do have and it is a grab and run vest fully loaded with all the bells in whistles ..and i will be making another video based on the vest..Also when i recieve my Rucpac i will make an additional video to show the viewers of what you can do with a standard pelican case if you do not want to drag it or carry it with one hand..Here is a video link and picture of what the Rucpac can do for the standard pelican case.. ...

Thanx again for commenting and your input..
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