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full cock is a fish hook .030" flat sharp edge.
You just about destroy the half cock profile and reduce the full cock at least a good .005"
Hammer hooks are to spec at .028 +/- .003 inch. The hooks in question were unequal length, so I made'em equal. To spec, they're not "flat" or square. They're nominally undersquare one degree. Smiths that do full trigger jobs square them and cut them as short as .018 inch, though .020 has pretty much become the defacto standard these days.

Then, they stone the sear primary angle so that it "agrees" with the modified hammer hooks and cut a secondary angle on the backside of the crown that further reduces the size of the contact area between the hooks and the sear.
In many, there can be as little as .010 inch of contact patch.

The secondary...or "Escape" angle...also reduces or eliminates the tendency of the sear to lift the hammer as it rolls out. I prefer to leave the hooks undersquare on a carry or duty pistol in order to maintain a positive or "captive" engagement. I like to leave the hammer hooks longer than most do. .023 is a bare minimum and I prefer .025 inch. A light secondary angle, along with the long, undersquare hooks creates a rollout-type break rather than the proverbial glass rod, my studied useful on a target pistol but has no place on a social gun.

And I'm tryin' to wrap my head around the part about destroying the half-cock profile. What does equalizing the hammer hook length have to do with the half-cock?
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