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If you are try to convince the antis that rules don't need to be tightened that is not the way to do it.
Firearm owners in the US should be doing everything they possibly can to help themselves, not just say its our right and carry on taking little responsibility for themselves.

If gun owners don't want legislation, then they need to police themselves. They need to set themselves the very highest of standards.

I am always encouraged by the seriousness with which members on TFL treat issues such as safe handling.

Conversely, I am disappointed when some members seem to not want any legislation, but then also don't want to make any changes to their lifestyles that would help promote a safer society, without the need for the laws that have so many up in arms, so to speak.
^^All of this. ^^

I get discouraged when I hear about gun owners leaving unsecured guns in locations, especially in family situations. There are other options for accessing them when needed than leaving them in unsecured well intended places. Our whole predicament right now over proposed gun control this year is highlighted because of a son who stole his moms guns. Considering these consequences we have the responsibility to create our own solutions or the anti's will find one for us. If the mindset of the gun owners had as much to do with proper security as simply owning and shooting a gun it could help.... I have always felt that if you can afford a gun, you can afford to secure the gun and you have the responsibility to control that security.
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