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IF an ussue to the OP...The grips on the New Vaquero (and Flattops) are on the small (slim) side for a lot of folks--a combination of a gripframe/backstrap thinner than the larger framed BH/V and ultra slim grip panels. Easily rectified with some custom/aftermarket grips, which is the way many go anyway. Unless specifying also very slim "gunfighter" profile grips, most gripmakers panels for the New Vaquero are more robust than the factory black checkered the grip size really is no longer an issue. Two fine gents that will set you up with grips that'll fill your hand better are Carl "Private" Schultz and Cary Chapman Sack Peterson and Paul Grashorn are two that'll set you up with some fine elk or stag grips as well. If you can't wait for custom, Hogue is an aftermarket maker that also has ready-made panels (and they're also a supplier for some Rugers IIRC).
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