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Originally Posted by Alabama Shooter View Post
Who is to say what would have happened if the Indians had been well armed? I am betting history would have been quite different.
No one can say except maybe those in a parallel universe.

But I think there's broader implications. Certainly an armed native population would have put up a better resistance, and this is clear justification for RKBA.

But I suspect that in this case what would have occurred is the same result with much higher attrition and a protracted timeline. To raise public awareness would have required active press reporting, and at that time the organized press would have been (was) on the side of the government. No one was reporting the plight of the native population, so there was no social pressure on the government to change policy.

The whole of our rights must work together synergistically or they don't work at all. If we loose RKBA then eventually we loose the rest. History is a wheel, unfortunately.
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