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Do you call the treatment of North American Indians as a good example of tolerance.
I'd say it is on par with the British treatment of the Irish during the Potato Famine. Ironically the famine triggered mass immigration to the US causing overcrowding in the eastern cities pushing more immigration Westward thereby increasing the pressures on the natives. I take about as much responsibility for what happened to the Native American as you should.

North Americans do not want to reveal that there was and still is a systematic plan to destroy most of the native people by outright murder by bounty hunters and land grabbers, disease through distributing small pox infested blankets, relocation, theft of children who were placed in concentration camps called "residential schools" and assimilation.
Dog the Bounty Hunter actually claims he is Native American. I did not see him stealing any children or handing out blankets but who knows what happens off camera?

Mods can delete this if they want. I think its relevant as posters seem happy to have a go at other countries. And talk about how civilized America is.

To tie this back into the topic, firearms sales were heavy restricted and mostly illegal to tribal Indians. When it came time for them to try to protect their rights under the law they were woefully unprepared to assert them and lost every war resulting in even more cruel treatment. This is an excellent argument against gun control and I am glad you brought it.

Who is to say what would have happened if the Indians had been well armed? I am betting history would have been quite different.
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