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What you need to do is to observe the land from a distance and see where the turkeys are at different times of the day. You should try and figure out how they get from one area to another. You also need to figure out where they roost(areas close to where you see them early in the morning and right before dark). This way, once season comes, if their patterns have not changed, you can be one step ahead of them, and set up, before they get there. What you don't want to do is to put any unnecessary pressure on the birds. Turkeys if spooked off a area numerous times find someplace else where they don't get spooked. It may be only a few hundred yards, but that may be the property next door you can't hunt. While turkeys tolerate humans to an extent, they also identify whats normal human behavior on the property and what isn't. Scout from a distance and then go in a few weeks before season and check out some spots to set up. Clear the brush and other debris and make ground blinds from them. If the area is farmed, consider doing this when the farmer is in the fields. His activity will not alarm the turkeys at all as they are generally used to his presence. Go in right before your season and make sure you set-ups have not changed. Try to do this when the birds are not present and get in and get out. There is nuttin' much one can do at this time to attract the birds to an area for the season starting in two-three months. One needs to rely on what attracted them there in the first place. What one needs to do is to make sure they don't get driven off.
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