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Glad you got a nice revolver from Tom! More friends made.

Having an even half dozen Cimmaron marked ones and ones iported by Taylors and Stoeger (all Uberti), I have found absolutely zero difference between any of them other than markings (on the Cimmaron) and no markings at all (on the others). Cimmaron just orders them marked and that is that.

I am VERY pleased that Cimmaron has reduced the markings that are on them. I returned a pair to Texas Jacks last year after they came with very badly thought out markings, with deliberate mis-spelling of "Address S. Cotl New Jork" on the barrel to substitute for the correct "Address S. Colt, New York". No markings or the "Address Cimmaron, Fredricksberg TX" are far better than that.



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