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The least expensive AR15s I have seen were in late 2011 (Under $600 total for new). There were so many choices and manufacturers that the prices went down. But, I can't remember an AR15 being anything over $1800 or so pre 1994 and in 2011, there were models north of $4k. In CO, new $800 ARs hit about $2000 about 2 weeks ago and now are at about $1500.

While we need to keep the pressure on our elected officials to follow the consitution and serve their constituents, National and Local, it is looking like a pretty hard fight to pass a National AWB. The magazine capacity ban as a stand alone bill likely has a better chance.

In the past week, I have been able to source, procure and assemble 4 complete ARs for less than $1K for local friends who procrastinated over the past several years. They ended up paying maybe $200 more due to panic prices here and there. Most of that was in BCGs and Lowers. I got them each a new 30 round mag and a box of ammo.

With the ammo shortages, the vast majority of the new guns are not getting shot a lot. I agree with the assertions of Patriot86 as to the mid to late 2013 surplus of firearms, BUT, there will not be a glut of magazines again IMHO. There will never be a glut of ammuniton either.
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