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I'm looking for a gun that I can take into the woods, and not worry about rain/snow/mud, etc.. I'm thinking about a revolver, something big, like a 44 magnum.

Pretty vague description of the intended usage. All I get from it is that you prefer something in stainless steel. Is it primarily for protection or hunting? If it is just for protection, protection from what? Is it a firearm that will be used for recreational shooting at the range too or just something that is carried and shot seldom? What degree of accuracy are you seeking? Do you handload so are able to customize your ammo for a variety of scenarios? You say you prefer a snubby, have your shot a big-bore snubby enough to know you are capable of a fast and accurate follow up shot? How much experience do you have shooting handguns(any handgun)? The answers to these questions are not only necessary for others to know, but for you, yourself to consider. If you know them already, odds are you wouldn't be here asking what YOU should get. Asking a generic "what gun for the woods?", will get you exactly what you have gotten. Pictures of guns with the post "here's mine, you need one just like it!".

When I go to the woods with a handgun, I make a decision of what it's intentions are. If it's a primary hunting platform, then I go with something with a long pipe with good accuracy. Handiness and pack-ability are not my primary concern. I want to reach out and touch something at a longer distance and will be using shooting sticks or some other appropriate rest. If it's just for a hike pickin' blueberrys or blackcaps, and my primary concern is two legged predators after my cell phone, then an air-weight snubby is all I take. For all around, wearing on my hip, when the largest creature in the woods is a Blackbear, a 4''-5'' in .357 or .44 is hard to beat.
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