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"... that test of the Gold Dot .38+P from Brassfetcher was into 20% ordinance gel, not 10%."

No, video is 20% and the 8.5" penetration was in "bare" 10% - look at the chart.

Here, specifically, quote from link above:

"The ammunition was fired from a Smith and Wesson 642 handgun, through a bone simulant plate
backed by 10% ballistic gelatin blocks. Of the six brands tested, all six of the ammunition types failed to
expand in the bone plate/gelatin target. The only hollowpoints that featured partial expansion was the CorBon 110gr DPX, where on 2/3 of the shots segments of the cavity peeled backwards and the Hornady 110gr
FTX where 1/3 bullets partially expanded."

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