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I've read as much.

I've also read comments from guys having reasonable success. We'll see which camp I end up in.

Back in the day, the large machines were "it"... There recently (saw it when I was shopping) a VERY LARGE, like 15 or 20- duplicator on Ebay that looked like a Terrco. Asking fifteen grand, and you'd obviously need a flatbed and forklifts or a crane to load and unload it.

But WHO in their right mind would pay anything close to that, when you can buy a 3-axis CNC today for the same dollars or less that'll blow that dinosaur away? It's almost like trying to sell a Commodore 64 computer...

CNC's, were either in their infancy, or completely outta sight for all but except the largest manufacturers.

I wasn't ready to make the investment in a CNC yet (Shop-Bot), but this might be a stepping stone.

I'm curious- you say you had no success with the Terrco- which is supposed to be the current "king" of manual duplicators.

What made you decide to try again with another machine, and what was it?
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