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As with all battles, there is a need to defeat the true enemy, the Bloombergs, the Fienstiens, the Schummers, and all the other anti-gun zealots that are afoot in the elitist halls of power. But we also need to "win the hearts and minds" of the non-combatents. Those people who really don't have an opinion one way or the other, but want to be responsible and involved. So they watch the news, they listen to the speaches, and they try to make an informed decision based on what they believe. Granted, we are behind the eight ball because the national and most of the local news media is so slanted to the left, but just maybe we can make some inroads at our local level, and as they say, "all politics are local". We don't do that by being irresponsible and "in your face" but niether do we do it by saying to our leaders "stop doing that or I'm going to tell my Mommy". They must know that if they get bold and push this agenda to its extreme they will order a crap sandwich for lunch which they do not want to eat.
So remember that the gun store shelves are empty because thousands of people are buying guns, many for the first time. Help them learn the joys of the shooting sports and responsible gun ownership. Lead by example, win hearts and minds that way, not by yelling at them about your Second Ammendment rights, they dont get it. And while I hate the idea that as the victim of a theft, the fickle finger gets pointed at me as the one who "gave the bad guy a gun", I would feel terrible if my gun was used to hurt someone because I had not secured it.
I have become more lax about firearms in my home since my children have all grown up and moved away, and I am going to reevaluate my plan for having them accesable if needed yet secured from unauthorized hands. And as an NRA Instructor, I'm going to offer free basic classes in my community to people who are unfamiliar with and even affraid of guns, so that thoses hearts and minds are not so easily swayed by lies and spin from our supposed "Representatives".
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