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As far as customer service, I can offer you examples of each. My first experience with S&W customer service was when I bought a used 1076 with a non-functional decocker. I sent it back to S&W and not only did they fix the decocker, but they also put a new set of grips on it free of charge. The second experience was when my 629 broke its firing pin shooting factory ammo. I called S&W, they sent me a prepaid FedEx label, and I had a fully functional revolver back in less than two weeks.

My dad has dealt with Ruger CS on his LCR. He bought the gun new and, when dryfiring, the trigger didn't always want to fully reset (he'd have to push it forward with his finger). He called Ruger and they sent UPS to the house to pick the gun up. Within two weeks, dad had a fully functional LCR back.

So, based on my dad and my experiences, I think that both have excellent CS and that in this particular respect, they're even.
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