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Well do you want the truth or do you want to feel good about it?

I'll give the feel good first, it is a well laid out design if you want to travel with it. Pelican cases are tough and they protect your firearms well for traveling, and with the compactness most people would think it is high end camera or computer gear instead of a rifle. Proabably isn't going to change the fact it will attract people wanting to steal it, but it won't freak anyone out like carrying a rifle case sometimes does at major airports.

However the truth is, Pelican cases are terrible just like any other gun case for long term storage as moisture will get trapped in the foam making it totally worthless if you want to store something ready to "bug out" long term. plus the case is totally worthless to keep the rifel in as a med-lg ruck sack full of supplies, a tactical vest with all your gear (mags w/ammo, flaslights, knives, & firestarter) in it, and your SBR put together will be better in a "BO" situation. Keep your gear in a wall locker and your SBR in a safe to securely store your complete rifle which is much more useful than having wheels on a $300 custom cutout Pelican case so you can drag it along.
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