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I own them all. The PPQ is THE best striker fire pistol PERIOD. I cant believe i am saying this but the PPQ is way underpriced as far as I am concerned with what I paid for my HK's.
Best trigger, light weight, German build quality, the design carries easy. and it melts into you hand. It's also THE only striker fire pistol that is fully cocked. That is why the trigger is so good. Its also a tack driver with any garbage ammo I have fed it. None of my modified Glocks triggers breaks as clean as a stock PPQ. My HK, and Glocks never leave the safe since I started EDC the PPQ.
The trigger is excellent new but put 500 rounds through it and the trigger will blow your mind.
Yea, its that good.

All this talk had me run out and put 100 rounds through the PPQ. Nothing like head shots at 30 meters.

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