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Originally Posted by jim in anchorage
I hate this. OP wants a .257 Weatherby. How can you gun guys not understand this? A .257 Weatherby, not a .257 Roberts improved or a blown out 25-06 or any other practical, sensible boring solution.

I get this all the time when I mention converting my .375 to .378."Oh no it kicks too hard!" "Brass costs too much!" "Convert to .375 improved-way easier."
Your point is well-taken, Jim, but he did ask. And, the answer is that it can be done, it just might be more economical to do something else. No one's telling him that he shouldn't do it, nor that he shouldn't buy a .257 Weatherby.

Sure, it could be done, and if her really wants it, there's no reason not to do it. But, he did ask if anyone had done it, and the inferred question was how hard or expensive it might be.

If you want a .378 Weatherby, by all means, get a .378 Weatherby.
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