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I have occasionally, when the wind is still, the dew is wet on the grass, and the shooting imps are off bothering someone else, shot groups with my Win 94 that are very, very nice. More often, though, it's a 3-4 minute rifle. Because the Win 94 is hard to clean from the breech, many folks have cleaned them from the muzzle. I have seen Win 94s that have had the rifling scrubbed out of the first inch of bore through cleaning rod wear. I also saw one years ago that had been stored in a barn and dirt daubers had filled the bore with their mud nests.

You don't talk about the condition of your crown, nor how old the rifle might be. Some old Win 94s are very nice, some have been abused; it's simply the nature of the way they were used by past owners.

I agree that the most common mod for best accuracy is the installation of a receiver sight. Both of mine wear Williams FP sights and the extra sight radius sure helps me shoot them better. For myself, I am perfectly happy with a 3-minute Win 94. The width of the front bead is such that it subtends about six inches at 100 yards, and I have mine sighted to shoot into the area covered by the front sight. I simply put the bead on the target, squeeze the trigger, and know that the bullet is going to smack the area covered by the front sight. It's not a very precise arrangement, but it's perfectly suitable for my purposes.
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