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I prefer S&W revolvers... I like Colt revolvers, I have owned Charter Arms revolvers... Keep the Glock. I'm not looking at dollar values but the tactical advantage each weapon would give. The Glock 19 IMO is the perfect combination of all issues. It is a service sized pistol that can serve in that capacity, it is quite capable of concieling as well as most guns, including that Glock 26, It carries a full load out of rounds (15). I could personally testify to the tourture tests and standards the Glock 19 has aced in the past. IMO They are uber-reliable.

The S&W revolver is as reliable as any gun made, it is as durable as any gun made. But it has a specific role. It's a secret squirrel hide out gun. If deep concielment is the mission order.... the S&W is your baby. However the Glock may not be quite as stealthy... it can work.

The Colt Detective Special is a cross between a service revolver, and a hide out gun. Colts have protected Police Officers, and non sworn civilians as well for decades. This revolver is out of production. Some say is a bit fragile, though that has not been my experience. While not quite as concielable as the Smith it's bit more concielable than the Glock. However Glocks are seviceable ad nausium.. there are no shortage of Glock parts, or armerors. The Glock 19 may not concieal as well as the colt... it is a true service sized pistol with a much larger load out of ammo. Again whats important to you.

The Charter arms revolver depending on the model... is either the same size as the Smith J or a long barreled Detective special. Either way there are IMO better choices. A larger Charter arms is about the same dimensions as the Glock 19, but with more sharp edges, and a lot less BB's. IMO Either the Smith, or the Colt would be more reliable, and a better choice than the Charter.

If my opinion had any weight I'd advise you to trade the Glock 26 before the 19. The Glock 19 can do anything the Glock 26 can do... only better. If I were to make a trade... I'd do the Glock 26 for the Smith J frame... and get a few bucks for a holster and ammo as well.
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