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glad to hear you like it
Thanks man, the best part is the wife really likes it. And she wants to go shoot!

Well when you do shoot it again, please provide a detailed account.
Will do man. I cant compare between the original and RS, but I know the RS was fun to shoot. The trigger had to be "relearned" so to speak for us. But it was a quick adjustment and a very easy shooting pistol.

Sounds like a keeper. Glad you like it. I'm not very fond of DAO triggers, but I'm sure I could adjust. The big reason I bought the P938 was the SAO trigger. I am pretty darn accurate with that thing.
Thanks man, as of now it is. And unless it just dow right fails, I dont think it will be leaving. We also shot the 938, and liked it alot. The carry condition kinda concerned us, but with training would have not been an issue(Wife's Ex-Military) And to be honest if the 938 had been there it wouls have been a tough call. I stumbled upon the 290RS, never even hearing of it. The fit and feel of it sold us, and we took a chance with the DAO. And the wife was leaning towards an LCR or similar, so it would have been DAO as well. Glad we did take that chance its a great pistol so far.
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