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Here's a 14-shot group fired at 25 yards with PMC ball less than an hour after I finished fitting a Kart Easy-Fit barrel into a friend's Norinco. I don't work with absolute accuracy as the goal, but rather for the barrel was just a bit looser than it woulda/coulda been had I been more meticulous.

I hit the hammer hooks with a stone to equalize their lengths at .025 inch and clean'em up...cut a very light escape angle on the backside of the sear crown...and changed the springs. I polished the sides of the sear to insure free reset. The trigger broke clean at about 6 pounds.

No other work was done.

There was no throwing away the first round. With a bag under his wrists, he locked a magazine into the gun...loaded the chamber...fired to slidelock...reloaded and released the slide...and shot another 7 at the target.

He was happy. That was 6 years ago, and at last report last year, the pistol was runnin' fine and embarrassing several owners of 2,000-dollar pistols.

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