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Parts is parts

It's not so much chinese pistol and US parts, but more affordable pistol and avaialble parts.
Other than as little light stoning to smooth out the warts, there's rarely a need to swap out the small parts in a Norinco. I've got a stocker here that's been doing medium beater duty for several years and about 10,000 rounds. Nothing has failed and nothing has broken...and the gun has never malfunctioned. Ever.

All I did was change the springs and install the firing pin stop...lightly stone the rough spots on the disconnect and sear, and clean up the barrel ramp a little...not because of a problem...but because it wasn't feeding my cast SWCs quite as smoothly as I like. It shoots about an inch above POA at 25 yards, and cleans the plate rack at that distance as long as I don't jerk the trigger.

Can't ask much more than that of a pistol that I gave 300 bucks for NIB.

Ugly is as ugly does, hey!
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