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Mike Irwin
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OK, I have some issues with that... they're shooting through bone simulant plates and INTO ballistic gelatin?

Of course it's going to be a fail. Their testing methodology and their results are, as far as I'm concerned, worthless because the entire test is based on a set of flawed premises.

The reason ballistic gelatin was developed, and has NEVER been used with bones that have been cast in place, is because it approximates the average mean density of ALL tissue in the body combined.

That's why it's used, and that's why it has shown great fidelity with the results from bullets that have been recovered in actual shootings.

You start casing bones into it, you start putting bone simulant plates in front of it, and you mess up that average mean density and the results you get are very likely going to be both wildly skewed AND largely worthless.

If the Lobster People rise and start walking the earth, then I think we might have a valid reason for testing bullets that expand on an exoskeleton.

But until that happens? No.
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