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... snip... The springs seem to be a little iffy...particularly the sear spring... snip ...
Thanks for that great insight and wealth of details. Good to know that at least the mags can be interchanged.

Springs... well, from the little I know of pistols in general and the less I know of 1911s, recoild and mainsprings should at least be something to have to hand.

Just wondering,why would you want to buy a chinese pistol and then replace
internal parts with US made components?
It's not so much chinese pistol and US parts, but more affordable pistol and avaialble parts. One shop occassionally has a Norinco 1911 (presumably with 2 mags) for about €500. However, after sales support is not particularly good and my guess is that getting anything; even just mags could be tought to get. A must if I ever decide to use it in IPSC standard production, for example.

Then there is another shop. Great guys, lovely stock and able to get spares and upgrades, but a Ruger 1911 (which I would love to own), or STI 1911s, start at about €1100 and upward...

So if I can go for my spares at the latter, but buying the significantly cheaper 1911 at the former, I'd could live with that....
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