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I have the Hornady LNL AP and am quite happy with it.

The powder measure that comes with it is pretty easy to make adjustments to. There are 2 rotors to choose from, pistol and rifle. I am not sure what the max limit of powder the pistol rotor is capable of but I am loading 9mm, 10mm, .40, and .45 with it. The only handgun I am not able to use that rotor for is 500 Mag as I am dropping 38 grains of powder for that one. As far as adjustments go, its just loosen up the lock ring, turning the knob and dialing in your desired weight. Its been consistant and trouble free for me for me.

Some people have had trouble with the priming system, I am lucky in that respect as its been trouble free for me. I just use a flux brush with a touch of powered graphite to dust the primer shuttle and pathway that it is in, as well as the primer seater plugs. Provides them with some sort of lubrication that won't contaminate primer or powders. Changing the primer seating plugs is kind of a pain st first, once you get the hang of it it gets alot simpler. I put a very light layer of anti seize compoud on the threads on the seater plugs every now and again as it seemed to help installation and removal. One thing you will want to do is put something like a round cutout from an electrical conduit box or a dime beneath the primer seater plug. The press is aluminum, the seater plug is steel (at least the part that makes contact with the press is), you will get a divit in the press that will eventually make it impossible to seat primers correctly. The piece underneath the seating plug fixes this and should ever need to be...easily replaced. Use a small touch of plumbers putty, caulk or even toothpaste to hold this piece in place.

One thing that most likely WILL happen with the priming system is if you have a powder spill, even a few specks of powder...if it gets in the pathway will give you problems. I have seen where some people will use cans of compressed air to blow out the path. I prefer to not send powder particles everywhere...I use a little egg of silly putty to collect whatever is iin there. Its grabs loose items and doesn't leave anything behind. After that I give it a quick brushing with the graphite again.

I will tell you upfront that this machine does need some tweaking when you first get it. I would say if something on the machine isn't working right, it is probably in need of adjustment on the pawls. Once you get them adjusted you should be golden. The link I am posting is a wonderful explanation of which pawl is responsible for what.
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