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Been a long time since I did any rabbit hunting,but I used to,a lot.

I disagree that you failed!Its how you measure success.

You got snow.Rabbits a generally where there are rabbit tracks.They don't roam far.

Shotguns are probably better for getting them easy.

But I learned to move a little slower,and use my eyes more.Sometimes their eye will be a distinctive image for you to recognise.Develop the skill to see them before they run.Also,its not unusual for them to only run little way then stop.Sometimes the sun,at the edges of cover.Sometimes,the shadows under a bush..

I like head popping them with a 22,

They cook up better that way than shotgunned.

But,its all good!

You got the main part,you went out.You saw what you took pix of,you settled down and took your boot off,after.Good day!

Now,when you get one,try this:

As low as you can go on the abdominal wall,just above the pelvis,lower belly,You make a cut.On the midline,toward the navel,about 1 1/2 in.Do not cut innards,just skin and abdominal wall.

Now,if you are right handed,use your left hand,grasp around the rabbit's ribcage,your hand right against the forlegs.This will drive the chest cavity contents down,toward your cut.Now,like you are finding a grip on a baseball bat,place your right hand around the rabbit and squeeze some.

The abdominal contents will be staining to escape your incision.

Now,like you are Babe Ruth smacking a homer,swing for the center field fence.

You will have a field stripped rabbit.

Now,if you want the skin off,pinch up some skin mid back and make a little starter cut,from there,just get some skin on each side of the cut,and pull in opposite directions.It will be like pulling a set of 2 piece long johns off the rabbit.Pull till all that is left in the hide is feet,tail,and head.

Clip those off.Do it right,you will have clean,relatively hairless meat to drop in a zip-lock

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