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New to me Hawthorne Warrior

Just found another deal today. Its a HAWTHORNE WARRIOR model M820B

Its a nice little bolt action, tube fed .22 S/L.R

Stock is in great shape for the age, however the barrel is looking really, really ugly. Its original and I like that, but its really ugly/patchy, almost a green tint to whats left. I need to do something about that, depending on what its worth.

I paid 50 dollars. He was asking 100 and bought it a month ago for 100 but he decided he wanted a scoped rifle. I would have paid the 100 honestly, but I had to drive an hour in my gas hog to get it and figured it wasnt worth it if I couldnt talk him down. Its been for sale for a few weeks with no hits so thats how we agreed on 50.

I would like some info and value on it. I cant find hardly anything about it. Best I can find is that it was either made or licensed by Mossberg. I would guess 50s/60s. Thats about all I can tell would like to know more, thank you!

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