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Well only one of them makes both SA and DA so it is really no contest on which is better

I prefer Rugers. Smiths have better triggers and the blueing is better, but I like stainless revolvers. I do not think the finish on the stainless ones are too far apart and I happen to think the six series Rugers are the best looking ones ever made. They "look strong and elegant"

I also like the fact that I can handload to a littler higher levels.

Which customer service is better? To me that means a lot. Never sent one back so far so I don't know.
The reputation of both of them is great. So good in fact, I wouldn't use it in my determining factor. You will be taken care of with either

S&W trumps Ruger in every catagory they mutually serve with the exception of that crumby little S&W 22a.

Rugers are over priced for investment cast in my opinion.
I rather have a stronger, more rebust investment cast than a weaker forged. I put function over outdated inaccurate sterotypes
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